What is a seed card?

In more recent years, as the world has become more eco-conscious, paper/card materials have started having certain traits in common, eco-friendly, recycled, FSC certified.

They had been working with seed card for a few years and they knew they had stumbled on something special. After a lot of research and product testing they created The Seed Card Company.

Seed card material is unique. Not only is it completely biodegradable, it won’t leave any nasties as it naturally breaks down, additionally, it is embedded with wildflower seeds so when you plant the card after you’re done with it, with a little care and attention, it will grow into beautiful wildflowers.

But there is more, it is made completely from post-consumer waste. It’s actually a bit of an eco-hero in the print world.

Planting the seed card

You can plant seed card inside or outside but do keep in mind the conditions. Ideally planted in an area with a decent amount of sunlight.

  • Fill your pots 2/3 full of soil. Press it down so it isn’t loose but not too much! Those roots need to be able to make their way through.
  • Add your seed card, either whole or torn up into pieces depending on the size of your pot. It doesn’t matter if the pieces overlap.
  • Cover the seed card over with a little more soil, not too much, just a thin layer is fine. Give it a good water (but again not too much, just until the soil is moist). You want the card and soil to be damp but not trying to grow in a swimming pool. Keep this up over 10 days or so and before long the seed will germinate, and shoots will start to sprout.
  • Keep up the watering and within four weeks those little shoots will grow into small plants. Water them as needed and then just watch them grow!