We are seeking new brands to join our ever growing exclusive online community. Our aim is to build a collection of wonderful British brands and showcase the very best that British brands have to offer.

Our mission is to support our local economy and to promote British Made Products. We want to get local British brands recognised, and help them become more accessible. Showcasing and demonstrating the power, quality and skill of brilliant British craftsmanship and British manufacturing. To find out more about why and how to join, check out the sections below.

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Our criteria

In order to become part of our community you must meet and provide evidence for the following criteria:

  • You need to be a British registered business with headquarters located within Great Britain.
  • Your products need to be designed as well as manufactured, produced, created or made in Great Britain.
  • 80%+ of the products value chain has to be within Great Britain (not including the raw materials). Some of the raw materials/components may not have originated in Great Britain, however they must have undergone a substantial and transformative change as a result of your manufacturing processes in Great Britain.
  • 100% of the labour/human resource that makes the finishing product must be within Great Britain.

The benefits of joining

As well as being part of a growing community of brands championing the best that British made has to offer, we have listed some of the key benefits of joining our community:

  • Featured products on our Website
  • Featured products on our Google & Google shopping
  • Featured products on our Facebook & Instagram Shop
  • Featured on our Social Media
  • Featured in our Newsletter
  • Your own business British brand sellers page & collection
  • Promoting your products to a unique audience that's proud to support British made
  • Every customer purchase with us plants a tree 🌳 & helps fight climate change (click here to find out more)

So, if you're interested in joining then please take a look at the 'how to join us' section below!

How to join

Meet the criteria, like the benefits and are interested in joining? Click on the link below to our application, fill in the details about yourself and your business, then submit and wait for a reply.

Once you have sent in your information, someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

The GB Community Application