What we do

If you want to send an order directly to someone and want to let them know that the gift is from you, then add a free gift tag?! Our gift tags are available on most products and are most importantly FREE.  We handwrite your custom information, that you fill out, and then place the gift tag inside your eligible orders parcel.


Gift Tag Example


What items can have a gift tag?

The item(s) that can have a gift tag are clearly labelled on their individual product pages, just look for the icon section of the product description, and you should see the icon that is displayed below. If a product has this icon, it means that it can have a gift tag placed inside its parcel.


Gift Tag Available 

How do i add a gift tag to my order?

If the item(s) in your basket are eligible for a free gift tag, on the cart page you should see a section that says " Would you like to add a free gift tag? ". Here you would then tick the checkbox next to the above sentence, and fill out the information in the dropdown. Once you have filled in this information, simply carry on with your purchase, and once you complete checkout, we will be notified of your order and the details of your gift tag.