Terrasu Logo

Terrasu take pride in creating one of kind pieces for the conscious consumer and are grateful for all the little things that makes us different. Your home is the place where you can be your truest self. Where you can paint the walls with laughter, honour your memories, nourish your most essential relationships and decorate each room in a way that reflects your style and what matters most to you. Their desire is for you to have a home that is authentic to who you are. One that is full of treasures that delight and inspire and remind you to enjoy each moment of life's wonderful adventure.

Terrasú is their way to express their mind and soul. It’s something they are immensely proud of, with real purpose, that makes you feel happy, comfortable and at home. They live and breathe the creative process. They love playfulness and experimentation, and understand that nothing is prettier than being yourself.
Which is why they only create products that will make you remember who you are and enhance your life.

They are mindful about the planet. They connect everything they do to the wellbeing of our planet and all of their processes, materials and products are created with sustainability in mind.