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Stuart Caldwell, a one-eyed bald man from Stratford upon Avon, founded the business in 2003, having spent 26 years in advertising (yes, he really is very old). He’s an awful (but irritatingly enthusiastic) guitarist, an author of fascinating (yet, oddly, unpublished) novels, an avid Hiker (but a rotten navigator) and is a little too keen on Aston Villa for his long-suffering wife Louise’s liking.  Incredulously, not one of their three children have ever displayed the slightest interest in joining the family firm. 

Stuart is not known for his dress-sense but does have a nice green Ted Baker sweater that he’s been sporting on special occasions for some years.  He has a penchant for Double Deckers and his favourite breakfast is half a grapefruit, followed by a ripe avocado, mashed into toast, with some olive oil.  Oh, and he’s got a bit of thing for Janet Street-Porter (though, who hasn’t?)