Half-Cut Candles Logo

Half-cut Candles was born out of a desire to do something different in this throw away world. So many celebrations & memories are made over a glass of wine or fizz. They wanted a way to capture those times, rather than throw them away.

After a fun evening with friends, wine bottles were at their disposal and they were reluctant to throw them away. The combination of a desire to be creative, a 70’s craft magazine and a want to find an interesting way to savour the moment of a special evening led to the first half-cut candle.

They are always experimenting with fragrances – meeting customers and introducing them to their candles has taught them that scent is a very personal thing. Smells can evoke memories in us all and the right scent combination can bring back special memories and put a smile on your face.

They have simple and noble ideals.

  • They take a bottle that once celebrated a moment in time.
  • Re-purpose it to create a uniquely designed gift
  • Add a carefully designed fragrance
  • So their customers can enjoy a new moment in time to create new memories

They work with 100% Soy wax and high quality fragrance oils.

  • Soy wax is created with natural soybean oil.
  • Composed of non-petroleum renewable resources.
  • Promoting the growth and care of our environment.
  • Biodegradable and free from Pesticides and Herbicides.
  • 100% Vegetable guaranteed.