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Established in 1903, Fikkerts have been capturing the fragrance of an English country garden for over one hundred years...

Still a family run business, Fikkerts Limited has come a long way since it was first established over a hundred years ago by Mr Everard Carter. Originally known as the Chemist & Allied Trading Company, the current Managing Director's great, great uncle was responsible for some fascinating product lines such as Cherry's Slumber Tea, Neoklenze Herbal Laxative, cough mixtures and liniments.

Over time herbal and natural remedies became less and less popular due to the advent of more scientific type medicines.  Therefore, they diversified more and more into the bath, body and beauty products using both the wisdom of traditional herbalists and the knowledge of modern aromatherapy to create products that have genuine skincare benefits. this is the knowledge that we associate Fikkerts with today.