Buddy Mug Logo

This is how it all began...
I was at my parents’ house one day and as usual they asked me to put the kettle on and make tea. Their house is on three levels with the kitchen on the bottom level, which means there are stairs and numerous doors to navigate to get from the kitchen back up to the lounge. I could never find two mugs that sat comfortably together in one hand and would usually have to make two trips, especially when I heard “and don’t forget the biscuits”.

On this particular day I decided to chance carrying everything in one run but ended up spilling hot tea over my hand and on my mum’s new carpet, she was not happy! This made me think that there must be an easier, better way to carry mugs. I saw tessellating mugs in my mind, ones that could be easily carried in one hand. From then on I started to notice the problem everywhere, when I was at the office, in coffee shops, visiting friends etc. A few weeks later and after much thought I sat down and began designing the Buddy Mug.

The idea

My vision was to produce an exciting, practical alternative to the everyday mug. I wanted to bring people closer together, through good design.

The situation

Spending ten minutes of your day having a coffee break with friends or colleagues is essential for your mental wellbeing. It gives you an opportunity to share a feeling, an experience or your next big idea.

The challenge

The journey from the kettle to your favourite place should be hassle free. But often you are carrying more than one mug, a packet of biscuits and opening doors with your elbows. One of the challenges for the Buddy Mug was led by social design, the mug had to be innovative but also socially inclusive. I wanted the shape of the mug to be distinctive, beautiful, iconic on it’s own or as part of a set.

The Buddy Mug

Our unique tessellating design allows multiple mugs to be carried comfortably in one hand, making the journey from the kettle hassle free. From the moment you hold the Buddy Mug you can see that every aspect, every line has been carefully crafted. The uninterrupted form, tessellating design and graphics all work together to create the ultimate social mug.