1 Tree Card Logo

1 Tree Cards was born from the idea that the love sent through cards could be amplified to have positive effects around the world. Every 1 Tree Card plants a tree through their partner charity, Eden Reforestation Projects; an amazing organisation whose planting projects act as a catalyst for good throughout communities.

They strive to be as eco-conscious as possible. Their cards and envelopes are 100% recycled and printed with vegan vegetable-based inks. Their optional compostable sleeves for retailers are made of corn and yam - completely are plastic free! 

To tie in with their eco-conscious ethos, they have partnered with the wonderful Eden Projects, and have pledged to plant 1 tree with each and every card they sell.

The trees planted help to restore healthy forests where they’re needed the most. Trees are a vital lifeline not just in terms of controlling air pollution; they provide a habitat for animals, purify water sources, control erosion/flooding and help to replenish nutrients into depleted soil. This in turn increases crop yields creating more food and a boost in the local economy.