Easy Swaps For Following A More Sustainable Lifestyle

At Great British Products, we take our environmental efforts seriously. We’re almost as passionate about fighting climate change as we are about supporting fantastic British businesses.

For this reason, earlier this year, we decided to partner with Ecologi, an environmental organisation that helps fund an array of essential environmental and ecological projects. With every purchase, we donate a portion of the profits to Ecologi to go towards global carbon reduction projects and the planting of trees across the globe. So far, we’ve planted over 1,100 trees and counting! 

Rainforest Sustainable

Not to mention, we’ve taken active measures to reduce waste; ditching as much plastic and single-use packaging as we can in lieu of more sustainable options. We are proud to say that all of our packing materials are 100% plastic-free and either recycled, recyclable or biodegradable/compostable. To find out more on what materials we use in our packaging, check out our environmental efforts page on our website. 

We understand, however, that being green can be quite difficult. Especially when plastic-filled, single-use products are often the most convenient option. That’s why we wanted to make a list of easy, eco-friendly swaps that make leading a more sustainable life so much more achievable.

Plus, these swaps include premium products made by skilled local businesses right here in the UK. What’s not to love?

Swap Clingfilm & Sandwich Bags to Reusable Food Wraps!

Plastic pollution has quickly become the biggest threat to our planet and our sea life. It’s even been stated that, by the year 2050, there could be more plastic than wildlife in the ocean

Plus, it’s been uncovered that only 9% of plastic thrown away is actually recycled, and the rest ends up in a landfill or a dump, taking up to 1000 years to decompose. Therefore, we should all start our greener journey by avoiding plastic as much as possible and swapping out our everyday non-biodegradable, single-use products for more sustainable alternatives. 

Sustainable Bowl Covers

Products like cling film and food bags can be easily replaced with reusable alternatives. At Great British Products, you’ll find a selection of reusable bowl covers and wraps designed to help you live greener whilst keeping your food fresher for longer.

Made from a combination of sustainable, soft bamboo and linen, these floral reusable bowl covers and food wraps are handmade and printed in the idyllic county of Cornwall by Helen Round and her team of skilled crafters. Each product is designed to be long-lasting, planet-friendly, and of the highest possible quality. The best part? They’re machine washable and can be used countless times over. No more waste!

Change Out Cotton Pads For Reusable Bamboo Pads!

Cotton wool pads sound like a natural option, don’t they? Well, you might be shocked to hear that regular cotton wool pads are actually pretty harmful to the planet. 

Due to the bleaching and mixing processes used in the production of cotton pads, they don’t biodegrade when they’ve found their way into the rubbish bin. Plus, the plastic packages they come in are definitely not eco-friendly. Thankfully, there are LOADS of reusable options for cotton/bamboo wool pads that make being more sustainable an absolute doddle!  

Check out these bamboo and pure linen reusable makeup pads, the perfect eco-friendly alternative to cotton pads. Not only are they exceptionally gentle on the skin, but they are also machine washable, meaning they can be used for years to come! 

Say Goodbye to Makeup Wipes and Hello to Reusable Face Cloths!

Did you know that around 11 billion wet wipes are thrown away each year? 

Plus, most makeup wipes you’ll find in shops are made up of non-biodegradable materials, so every single one of these wipes ends up sitting in landfills or clogged in the sewers for up to 100 years. If you’re looking for an eco-alternative to the makeup wipe, look no further than these reusable face cloths right here. Created by Helen Round (again!), these clothes are soft, gentle, and super sustainable.  

Not to mention, they are SO much better for your skin. Your average makeup wipe is soaked in chemicals that are very harsh on the delicate skin on the face, and these abrasive chemicals can even cause micro-tears on the dermal surface.  

Therefore, swapping to a high-quality, reusable cloth is not only a win for the planet, but it’s a win for your skin too! 

No to Plastic Bags and YES to Tote Bags!

One of the biggest culprits of the plastic waste crisis our seas are facing is the plastic shopping bag. It’s been measured that the average plastic bag has a usage of just 12 minutes, yet each one takes up to 1000 years to degrade! 

What’s worse is that once these bags have degraded, they become tiny microplastics that continue to pollute the seas, making their way into the food chain. So, instead of single-use plastic shopping bags, invest in a nice tote bag that you can take to the shops and use over and over again.  

Tote bags are generally made of thick, durable material, making them perfect for carrying everything from your fresh fruit and vegetables to even a bottle of wine or two. They won’t stretch and snap, they are strong and can be easily washed if they get a little bit dirty. 

Sustainable Tote Bag

At Great British Products, we have a range of British made tote bags in differing styles, from vintage prints to floral designs. Whatever your style, you’re guaranteed to find your next favourite eco-friendly shopping bag on site.  

From Body Wash to Solid Soap Bars! 

This one is probably the easiest swap to make - and it can make such a huge difference! Ditching the liquid soap and shopping for solid bars of soap can drastically cut back your environmental impact for various reasons. Soap bars don’t require a plastic bottle. They take up less energy and resources to produce and transport. And, they don’t contain harmful chemicals designed to expand shelf life. 

Unlike liquid soaps - which are often full of hidden preservatives and surfactants to simulate the lathering of natural soap - solid soap bars are frequently made of premium oils and plant-based butters which come straight from nature, such as olive oil, shea butter, and more.  

For instance, Heyland & Whittle use all-natural ingredients for their range of luxury soaps which they make right here in the UK. They produce traditional, cold-processed soaps using an olive oil base and use fragrant essential oils, herbs and spices to create a wonderful array of scents. 

Many of Heyland & Whittle’s soaps are even sulphate and paraben-free, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals making their way into your soap. Plus, it’s not just hand and body soap you can get in a solid bar. At Great British Products, you can find everything from shaving soap bars, pet shampoo bars, face wash bars, and so much more.  

Plastic Brushes? Nope. Wooden Brushes, Yes!

Some parts of our routine are so ingrained that we don’t even think about whether or not they can be made greener. For instance, I bet you don’t even think about the plastic in your hairbrush when you’re midway through your morning routine.  

Unfortunately, like most plastic items, normal hairbrushes are completely non-recyclable and will therefore end up straight in a landfill when they’ve served their purpose. And with sources like Women’s Health telling us that we should replace our hairbrushes every six months or so, that’s a heck of a lot of plastic waste for one person to produce! 

So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative, consider checking out this range of traditionally made beechwood brushes from Kent Brushes. The world’s oldest hairbrush manufacturer, Kent Brushes, is dedicated to creating premium quality brushes in various styles and for an array of purposes.   

And that concludes our list of easy swaps for following a more sustainable lifestyle. We hope you feel inspired to do your part in the everyday fight against climate change and major pollution.  

Head on over to Great British Products for a whole array of eco-friendly, high-quality goods and gifts made by skilled craftspeople, manufacturers and entrepreneurs, right here in the UK!