Gift Box

Our wonderful gift boxing service

Our gift boxes are guaranteed to impress and are the perfect way to present a wonderful gift. Quality, luxurious boxes with a soft-touch matt finish are filled inside with organza, adding that extra touch of luxury and protection. To complete the box, each one comes with a hand-tied bow which is available in 3 different colours; Claret Wine, Navy Blue or Silver Grey.

They boxes are a beautiful solid navy blue and come in a variety of different sizes. The size of the box will automatically be chosen depending on the size of the products selected to be gift boxed, the smallest size will be chosen.

Gift Boxing is available only on selected products. To find out if a product can be gift boxed, select the 'Can Be Gift Boxed' Filter option on our collections pages or look for the Gift Boxing Available icon on the product page, this icon can be seen below.

Gift Box Available Icon

How to gift box your items

Once an eligible product has been added to cart, the cart popup will appear and display a button labelled 'View Cart', click this button and it will take you to the cart page.

On the cart page there will be another button labelled 'Create Your Gift Box' in the bottom right corner of the screen, as seen below. Click this button to open up the gift boxing popup.

Create Your Gift Box

From here you are able to create multiple gift boxes, name them, add a free gift tag and drag the eligible products into the right boxes.

Gift Boxing Kits

If you have found a product that can't be gift boxed or if you simply want to box something else, then take a look at our gift boxing kits. Our wonderful boxes are also sold separately as kits. You're able to choose from a variety of sizes, ribbon colours and wether or not you would like packing material. For more information click here.

Gift Tags

Our free gift tags can be added to nearly any product on our store, if a product can be gift tagged, in the description there will be some text that says 'Would you like to add a free gift tag', select 'Yes please' and then fill out the To and From fields. When creating a gift box you also have the option to add a free gift tag. We will include this tag wrapped around the product in the gift box which will say who the card is To and From. An example of our gift tags can be seen below.

Any problems just ask! 

Gift Tag Image

Gift Boxing FAQ's