Packing Materials

Everything that we use to package and send out our orders has been recycled. Our cardboard boxes, packing materials such as tissue and wrapping paper, gift tags and more are all fully recycled and completely recyclable.

It is also extremely important to reuse materials as much as possible, ensuring they are not just being used once but for as many times as possible, and then recycled at the end of its life. Because we believe in this, whenever a delivery comes in we reuse every single box and piece of packing material, these are used to send out customer orders and to store our wonderful products in our store room.

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Paper Not Plastic

We believe it's so important to cut out unnecessary uses of non-sustainable materials where possible, especially plastic. It's getting easier and easier to use sustainable or paper based alternatives that are either recycled or biodegradable or even both!

For example instead of using normal plastic based packing tape, we use biodegradable self adhesive paper parcel tape made from a renewable resource (kraft paper). This combined with our completely recycled packing materials and cardboard boxes, results in 100% plastic free recycled packaging.


We really can't recommend using Ecosia enough. It's a search engine just like any other, with one major difference: they use their profits to plant trees. 

Millions of people are using it every day and with every search they make, Ecosia donates their profits to planting trees around the world. So far they have planted over 102 million trees and counting!

We currently advertise on Ecosia, with the aim that our customers will search for our wonderful collection of British made products on here, every search is helping to replenish rainforests, supporting organisations and saving our planet.

Search With Ecosia
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Join Us

We are doing what we can to help our environment and save our planet, but, we want you to do your bit as well.

When receiving an order from us or from anywhere, recycle the cardboard boxes and packing materials or find ways to reuse the materials. 

We also encourage you to search for our products on Ecosia as well as Google. It's so easy and with every search you are helping our planet.