Our Story

It began by visiting craft fairs, local markets and trade shows around the country. When we were there, we found numerous skilled craftspeople and individuals promoting themselves and selling their products. We were surprised to see how many amazing products were being made right here in Great Britain, yet we hadn't heard of them before. 

It started out with a simple idea, that with our family knowledge and experience, we could help provide these people with a wider audience.

From this simple idea, began a not so simple but exciting journey. A tremendous amount of work has gone into combining the right ingredients to achieve this idea and our aim which form our brand, Great British Products. For example our logo, it was designed and created by our family and its features hold a lot of meaning to us. The white raven in the centre is a symbol which represents a family name in our ancestry, the crown represents our royal medieval king heritage and the shield brings them together in one beautiful Great British Products Crest.

Our Story About Great British Products
Made In Great Britain Our Mission Badge

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple, to support our local economy and to promote British Made Products. We want to get local British Brands recognised and help them become more accessible.

There are so many wonderful products out there that are made right here in Great Britain and we want our platform to be a voice for British Made Products and British Brands. We believe that if people realised the amazing products that are made locally, they would buy and support local products instead of those made and shipped from overseas.

So, we want you to join us in our mission. By shopping on our site, you are joining us in supporting British Families and their brands, one purchase at a time.