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Co-Founders Ian and Liz Wells see their business as an expression of their evolved selves. Rather than a platform to purely operate a business ‘We realised that we would never be happy leading a ‘Conventional life’ - Ian Wells. 

After they had relocated to South Cornwall, Ian took up photography. It was a hobby that he had always enjoyed but never had any time before. What he noticed was quite remarkable, that the more time he spent outside taking photos and capturing scenes the calmer he felt and his health both physically and mentally began to improve. Liz, seeing the positive impact that the environment was having on Ian, decided that she too would capture the inspiration that came from the beauty of the Cornish landscape and developed a range of candles that she felt captured her own positive experiences of her new-found life in Cornwall.

We created our entire range around a philosophy of sustainability, this was not an easy path to take! All of our packaging is food-grade kraft (no dyes) and completely recyclable. All of our candle vessels are tin or recycled glass (recyclable). Our reeds for the diffusers are black so they don’t replace as often as they don’t stain and nearly all of our labels are paper. Our refills for our diffusers are glass but we are switching to aluminium with a metal refill (all of our competitors use plastic bottles). Our production facility is an Eco-build with no concrete and, as part of our Made in Cornwall membership, we source nearly all of our raw materials locally to minimise road mileage… phew! We’re not perfect but we try to craft the finest products that do not cost us our earth.